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Market leader for providing innovative and power solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions for educational and industrial sectors.

Our history

We started with ORAS electronics and expanded to Bareeq Alujain company.

  • foundation - 1993
  • expantion of company coverage - 2006
  • openning second branch in       baghdad/karada - 2008
  • expantion of our territory
  • open new 4th floor in the building - 2014

Services that we offers

  • Local & overseas training
  • International licensing
  • oil and gas
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Smart education
  • security solutions
  • healthcare technology

We offer a step-up to enhance and increase the experience of human,
as individual or group in order to get the optimized performance in different fields of work.

  • individual or group
  • optimized performance
  • enhance and increase the  experience of human

by offering licensing from worldwide international organizations for the specializations of NDT, quality control, industrial planning, health care, and other fields, we create opportunities for applicants to fulfil the requirements for job applications or promote their positions in their institutes..

  • International licensing
  • worldwide organizations
  • create opportunities for applicants

Advanced solutions for oil and gas industry, as a major source of power and almost the backbone for Iraq's economy, oil and gas industry of great importance and our services take along with almost each step in this industry and the related industries.

  • Advanced solutions
  • Experience

Inspection and quality control solutions for environmental sector: precision is the key for success in each operation, thus we offer our services in the field of inspection and quality control for food, building materials, and health care accessories, in addition, we offer to upgrade the inspector's services to cover the above..

Smart education solutions for primary and high educational sectors, we believe that education is of extreme importance in building future employees, and thus we cover the different sectors of education in both primary and high levels, all embedded in the latest smart technology.

  • primary and high educational sectors
  • Future building
  • latest smart technology

Security solutions for government and private sector, when it comes to security of a work environment we are leaders in providing the latest technological solutions to keep things safe and monitored.

  • government and private sector
  • latest technological solutions
  • field expert

Health care: providing the latest technology for health care sector and its related services, medical education and professional equipment and accessories.

  • latest technology
  • medical education
  • professional equipment and accessories

Our activities

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