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Our Goal

We aspire to provide the local iraqi market with the up to date technology in both educational and industrial fields, our vision to reach our goal is driven by:


worldwide well-known companies with respectable reputation from different specializations.

knwoledge base

Experienced team of engineers to get along with the new technologies .

Customer Care

After sale support , maintenance and service , training , and overall friendly experience to keep our customers satisfied.

Services That We Offers


covering bith primary and high education fields with the latest smart solutions.

analytical equipment

providing the market with the latest solutions of analytical instruments .

Oil & gas

upgrading the Iraqi's oil industry to meet nowaday requirements.

Training licensing

our partnership with international organization grant our trainers certified training.


furniture supplies come from very well-known manufacturers for labs, classroom and office use.

security solutions

providing our solutions to meet the increasing demand for the Iraqi security needs.





we worked with awesome clients

Do Not Hesitate

If you have any consulting ,educational or industrial work, simply
call one of our team.

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