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Oil industry was and till now the main source for the Iraqi economy, and for that we invested a lot of our resources to support this sector by providing the latest international technology to meet the requirements of this industry. Our company is ready to provide a complete solution (turnkey facility) to cover all the oil industry training requirements and we also support individual solutions and customized offers.

- Physical Testing

• Distillation • PH • Conductivity • Turbidity • Density • Viscosity • Fire point • Flash point • Cloud point • Freeze point • Boiling point

- Chemical Testing

• Elemental analysis (Nitrogen analysis, Sulfur content, etc…)
• Compound analysis (NH3, SO2, CS2, etc…)
• Corrosion, rusting, particle counting, oxidation, etc…

- Remote Sensing

• Monitoring • Security • Hyper spectral imaging • FTIR remote sensing • OPS ( open path air monitoring system ) • Chemical security • Industrial plant safety wireless systems

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